Frozen Fruit

We appreciate customers who prefer to work with the Serbian fruit, and we try to provide them with quality products.


Varieties: Willamette and Meeker
- Iqf whole packed in plastic bags and carton boxes: 10kg, 2.5kg
- Crumble: 10kg

As a product raspberry could be rolend (whole), and crumble.
The raspberry rolend is a deep frozen quality, whole and ripe raspberries (non calibrated or calibrated), color red to dark red fruit, clean free from damage, disease, mold, foreign matter and organic and mineral impurities.
The raspberry sorts from which the product is made are Willamette and Meeker. 
Quality: I.Q.F., whole fruits, max 5% broken/crumble.  
Packaging: Cartons 4x2,5 kg net poly bags; Cartons 5x1 net poly bags; 
Storage:  Deep frozen at min. -18ºC; 
Transport: Land – refrigerated trucks; Sea – refrigerated containers; 
Delivery:  The goods will be delivered as per agreement on EURO-pallets with labels stretched with foil. Raspberry crumble is milled raspberry that did not meet the standard for rolend/whole


Varieties: Čačanska bestrna
- Iqf whole and confiture packed in bags: 10kg, 2.5kg

As a product blackberry could be rolend and confitura. 
Blackberry rolend is a deep frozen, quality, whole and ripe blackberry free of foreign mater and organic and mineral impurities.
Color black with 5% ruby color.
Blackberry confitura has the same characteristics but with 10-30% ruby color.
Blackberry is also very important local product. The blackberry sorts that are growing in Serbia are Thorn free, Čačanska Thorn free (75% of blackberry production). Most of them grow in small private owned plantations with traditional technics of fruit growing and picked up manually. 84% of produced blackberry is exported of which 90% are frozen and 10% fresh and mainly to EU countries.

Sour Cherry


- Iqf whole pitted
- Iqf whole with stone

As a product it could be deep frozen rolend quality with or without stone. Sour cherry rolend is a deep frozen, quality, whole and ripe blackberry free of foreign mater and organic and mineral impurities. The stone is being mechanically removed from the sour cherry.
Sour cherry is another product that Serbia is exporting worldwide but mainly to EU countries. Accordingly to some statistics Serbia has 100.000 sour cherry tries with production potential of 100.000 tons of this fruit. Municipality of Merošina is well known region where the best sort called Oblačinska sour cherry is produced on 2.000 hectares. Sour cherry is mainly used for industrial fruit processing and Serbia exports 35-50 percent of its production. The best known sort is Oblačinska sour cherry.


Variety: Stanley
Packaging: - Iqf halves

As a product plum can be deep frozen whole with the stone, sliced on the half (manually or mechanically).
For the centuries plum as our traditional fruit was a part of everyday life of Serbian farmer and Serbia was worldwide recognized by its dried plum. As a plum producer with the production on 150.000 hectares Serbia takes second place in Europe and fourth in the World. Two thirds of our plum is exported as a fresh fruit and the rest part is the most wanted dried plum and all sorts of  plum products ( juices, compotes, jams, sauces etc.). These products are mainly exported to Arabian, Scandinavian and EU markets.
In Serbia are present following sorts of plum: Požegača (plum from Požega), Stanley, Čačanska rodna, Čačanska beauty and Čačanska early.


Serbian strawberry is well known by its red hot color and ability to remain freshness and intensity of its taste even after being deep frozen and processed. It is produced on approximately 8.500 hectares all over the Serbia with annual production of about 4 tons per hectare and total production of 33.000 tons per year. Most present sorts are Senga Sengana and Camarosa. Beside them other sorts of strawberry are suitable for consummation as a fresh fruit. Thanks to its characteristics strawberries can be used for different purposes: for production of high quality jams and marmalades as well as sweets and juices. For now Serbia is exporting only small part of its strawberry production and most of this fruit is consumed as fresh fruit on domestic market. More than 90% of Serbian strawberry is exported as a frozen product and only a small percentage as fresh or processed fruit.